There are several skills needed to become a successful Fashion Instagrammer.  Why be a Fashion Instagrammer?  Believe it or not, being an influencer of fashion on Instagram could pay off big.  Here are  few skills you should implement to kickstart your Instragram account.

  •   Consider taking your own photos.  The more intimate and personal reflection of yourself you provide the larger your following will grow.  Get a big mirror, great camera phone and show off some of your best looks.
  •   Whenever you wear something new, tag the brand and add in an affiliate link to earn commission.
Top Fashion Blogger, Kyrzayda
  • A great Blogger once said “Fill your Instagram feed with other Fashion Influencers, bloggers and models. Not only is it inspiration for you but if your followers match your feed aesthetic.  It is more likely they will follow back!”
  • Post to Instagram often, look around and see what fashion color, texture, look or item inspirers you.  There is inspiration in everything so share it!
  • Be organized!  Plan your Instagram post.  There are Apps and tools out there to help you stay ahead of the game.  The Instagram aesthetics of your page really makes a difference.  It helps to guide the eye of your followers in the pattern you want them to receive the content.


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