NEW YORK, March 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — POPSUGAR (, a leading global lifestyle brand for women, announced today the relaunch of its POPSUGAR Moms vertical to POPSUGAR Family (, @POPSUGARFamily on Facebook.)

POPSUGAR Moms is #1 in digital unique visitors among moms age 18-49 and boasts one of the largest parenting audiences on Facebook. With POPSUGAR Family, POPSUGAR has rebranded and repositioned its popular and industry-leading POPSUGAR Moms platform to celebrate all parenting communities and family-planning journeys. POPSUGAR Family represents POPSUGAR’s diverse and inclusive editorial POV and also the changing demographic of the American population. Today, only 46 percent of kids under age 18 are raised at home with two heterosexual parents in their first marriage. This is a marked change from 1960 (73 percent) and 1980 (61 percent), according to the Pew Research Center.

POPSUGAR Family will feature stories of LGBTQ+ parents, grandparents and friends who act as primary caregivers, single parents, and biracial couples. It will also expand the conversation around fertility challenges, surrogacy, adoption, raising special needs children, and more. POPSUGAR also announced it will create a new editorial library of photo images of diverse families to offer a more accurate depiction of what families look like. These images will appear on POPSUGAR Family and will also be available to other media outlets via POPSUGAR POPSTOCK with the goal of evolving the conversation and representation of families today. “Inclusion is at the core of POPSUGAR, and we are so excited to launch POPSUGAR Family. We foster community, discussions, and above all, support for individuals and partners who are creating families today,” said Lisa Sugar, POPSUGAR founder and president. “Our content evolution mirrors the shift within POPSUGAR and within the culture at large. Everyone’s parenting story is different and important. We wanted to create a space where everyone is welcome and anyone raising a child would find stories that are relevant, supportive, and helpful.”

Consistent with POPSUGAR’s emphasis on high-quality original content, POPSUGAR Family will feature celebrities sharing their parenting journeys as well as a wide range of personal stories from POPSUGAR contributors. Fashion leader H&M will be the launch partner, and will sponsor native content within POPSUGAR Family. “We are thrilled to become a launch partner of POPSUGAR Family because it resonates with our mission of providing fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way,” said Emily Scarlett, H&M Head of Communications USA. “We are excited to celebrate and recognize all families by providing content together with POPSUGAR that speaks to everyday wins, challenges and tips for the modern family. As we work hand in hand with POPSUGAR, we hope to help families tackle parenting in a fearless and confident fashion.” 

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