Q.  Why should I become a member of Atlanta Fashion Bloggers?

A.  We offer support and development for our blogger members.  In addition to  opportunities to learn your craft (from the beginner blogger to more advanced blogger) you’ll get access to discounts on events, press/media entrance to events, blogging resources and help as well as the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and businesses.

Q.  How do I become a member of Atlanta Fashion Bloggers?

A.  To become a  member of AFB, visit our Membership Registration page to register.  Once your registration has been approved you will be directed to the Become A Member page to select the type of service you wish to join.

Q.  Do I have to be a member of the meet-up group to join?

A.  Membership of the meet-up group is highly encouraged but not required.

Q.  What if my request to become a member is denied?

A.  If your request to become a member is denied, you will receive an email to give further instructions of what is needed to be approved.  Normally, denied memberships are based on the lack of pertinent information.

Q.  What types of memberships do you have and what are the fees?

A.  There are 3 types of memberships:  Blogger, Industry Professional and Business Sponsor.  Each provide different types of benefits that best suit the needs of our interested members.  We offer the opportunity for all fashion professionals to benefit from our services.

Q.  Do you offer workshops, training, working sessions and seminars?

A.  We offer quarterly workshops, training, working sessions and seminars.  However, we are available daily to assist our bloggers with questions, registering for events and promoting their blogs.

Q.  How often do members attend local events?

A.  Events are listed in our event calendar and within the meetup group.  There are several fashion events per month available for our bloggers participation.

Q. How can I obtain an AFB Press Badge?

A.  You must be an approved member to obtain an AFB Press Badge.  Custom badges can be purchased in our secure shop.

If you have additional questions that have not been answered here, please email your question to info@atlfashionbloggers.com.