Atlanta Fashion Bloggers had the opportunity to participate as Media/Press at this weekend’s Nya Nya Experience Fashion & Beauty Expo hosted by Headkrack and Travis Cure.

Upon entering the event, which took place at the Infinite Energy Center, I was exposed to several fabulous vendors.  Ms. Christina Wells, Founder of iTurban Boutigue was a vendor that immediately caught my eye.  Her talent and beautiful personality were infectious.  With years of experience in Fashion Design, Ms. Wells introduced her Custom Design Collection of Multi-use, pre-tied Turban hats.  Fabulous turbans in a multitude of colors, patterns that are sure added fashionable touch for an occassion.

Ms. Wells created iTurban Boutigue because of her passion of service to others.  She wanted to use her talent in fashion to help women, children and teens who have lost their hair due to medical conditions or alopecia.  She understood the importance of how to help others feel beautiful, secure and comfortable even when going through some of the most difficult times of their lives.  Her passion is one that will make a difference to so many others.


iTurban’s mission is to “provide Women,Teens, and Children with hair loss due to Chemotherapy, Alopecia, Lupus and other medical reasons a New and Exciting, Designer Couture Collection of Head Wear which is “Classic & Trendy” and will delight their senses. Our turbans will offer all of our girls Beautiful Styling alternatives in their head cover gear. We feel our products will make them look Good and Feel Better iTurban Boutique’s pre-tied Turbans are ready to wear, and come in a comfort stretch knits. They are label-less for comfort, and come in a wonderful array of beautiful fabric choices. Our full coverage Turban stay in place, as well as give the illusion of fullness. The custom designed pattern and construction technique are (Exclusive to iTurban Boutique). Turbans have been designed to allow the turban to be worn in various ways on the head to accommodate different face shapes or personal styling.   All Turbans are machined and handcrafted in the US.

Our pre-tied Turbans have the potential of putting a smile on customer’s faces, as they fulfill their head cover and fashion needs. These unique multi-use Turbans, are designed & constructed with love for our customers to enjoy.  ”       

​It was such a pleasure meeting and speaking with Ms. Wells, she has so many more great things coming for her brand.  To learn more about iTurban and to purchase her beautiful turbans visit, or call 770-722-4570.



Tondaleya Shamley

AFB Coordinator/Lead Blogger

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