I love to carry a stunning big bag! A bag, your bag is an expression of your personality and style. So what does your bag say about you?
Professional style bags say” the woman carrying this bag is a sophisticated diva that pays close attention to detail. She is strong and resourceful, often pairing her bag with classic looks.”
Trendy style bags say “the woman carrying this bag is trendy with a bubbly personality. She takes pride in knowing what fashion forward is and spends time selecting items that help her appear as such.”
Creative style bags say “the woman carrying this bag is expressive. She is artful and creative. She pairs her bag with other eclectic jewelry pieces that always express a personal meaning.”
Fashion Forward style bags say “the woman carrying this bag is an attention grabber that is not afraid of being noticed. She is carefree and stylish, often pairing her bag with designer looks.”
It is always chic to accessorize your outfit with a classically chic designer bag. I know what you’re thinking! “Why did she say “designer” bag?” There is more handbag Designers than ever before.
Many have discovered that THE bag is just as important as the outfit and a much-needed accessory. I went on a hunt to find the best handbag designers with big style. These designers are featuring some of the hottest styles for the Spring 2010 and looks that fit your personal style.
This Spring’s look is full of gorgeous ruffled rose designs. Valentino Vertigo offers this handbag with beautiful style.
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