This weekend was one the of the busiest for Atlanta Fashion Bloggers Media Team.  We attended 3 fabulous events that were all about Beauty, Fashion and Style.
This weekend’s Fashion Show was by none other than Designer, Carlo Vontee’ Augo who gave us Haute Couture fierceness.  The Models, the Theme, the Scene …. all captured our eyes, ears, and hearts.  From elegant sheer tulle to fatigues, the women and men’s collection was perfection.  Carlo pays a great deal to detail, making sure every piece was well presented without flaw.
The fashion does not end there, Carlo featured custom handbags, shoes, hats and accessories during the show.  His brand is both unique and eye-catching, always representing the Carlo Vontee’ signature.
Let’s talk about the VIP swag bag. Who can say custom, elegant long-stemmed wine glasses?  We can!
~ Tondaleya Shamley

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