Instagram Engagement is an important component for your brand or business.  As a video and photo-sharing social media platform, it offers a visual presence that goes beyond a storefront, reaching a large number of potential clients.  However, using its platform properly takes a little more effort and targeted focus.

GoDaddy recently present information on how to boost your Instagram engagement by:

  • Optimizing
  • Content Consistency
  • Extraordinary Story Leads
  • Hashtags
  • Metrics

Most will not understand the importance of these areas and how they affect your brand or branding.

“More than 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business on Instagram. Let’s make sure it’s yours. With the right Instagram strategy in place, you’ll remind your customers why they love your business. And you’ll ensure engagement with younger consumers and bring new customers through your door.” ~GoDaddy

Optimizing involves selecting the appropriate features that support your account such as using a photo grid layout which helps to highlight more skills or products to make a lasting statement.

Lead stories help to drive traffic.  Creating the perfect story with optimizing links can lead your reader to the product or content you wish to highlight.

Hashtags are another lead generating tool using Twitter.  It helps to move your readers using key words and phrases that are the road map of tweet content.

With metrics you will get the results from all your efforts.  From impressions to navigation, metrics give a snapshot of effective your Instagram post have influenced your readers.  This is a great way to make improvements and adjustments in areas where traffic is slow.

Engagement Question:  How has Instragram Engagement improved your brand/blog?

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