We would like to welcome Carmelita to our team.  She is an excellent addition to the team and comes with a wealth of knowledge, experience and business professional among the community.

Accessory Designer and Event Rocker, Carmelita Marcia has 20 years experience in the Fashion Industry of New York, Atlanta, and Washington, DC.

A former advertising sales assistant, Carmelita got her feet wet after college with working for top brands such as Walmart; Phillip Morris; Howard University; NY Giants, etc. before landing a role as a Styling Assistant to WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) head Stylist, Anita Finklestein – Atlanta office. Thus started her fashion career – working for Saks Fifth Avenue; Forever 21; SteinMart; Jessica McClintock; Atlanta Magazine; and several NY showrooms as a Designer Assistant, Retail Manager, Contributing Writer, and Visual Merchandising expert!

Having studied at F.I.T (Fashion Institute of Technology), Carmelita started her Accessory company – Accessories a GO-GO where she designs customized leather clutches and eccentric jewelry!

With her MBA and business expertise, Ms. Marcia, has taught fashion and event planning classes at three major universities and colleges – American InterContinetal University; Prince George’s Community College; and University of Richmond. Currently, Ms. C, as her students call her, is an Adjunct for American InterContinental University, in Fashion Marketing!

When she is not producing events or designing, Carmelita Marcia hosts monthly Networking events in Gwinnett for small business owners and entrepreneurs! She lives, eats, and breathes FASHION!


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