You have the talent, experience, knowledge and skill but how do you get started?
You can start a fashion blog in 5 easy steps:
  • Start by choosing a blogging platform, domain name, and hosting option.  This is the technical side of building a blog.
  • Then, design you blog using a simple theme or theme that compliments your target content.
  • Sometimes it is best to get help with designing your blog.  Image is everything!  You never want to bombard your readings with overwhelming content or images.  It may take a few tries.  Modify your blog to get your desired look and feel.
  • Select the best plugins for your blog.  This will take research.  Consult a seasoned blogger on the best plugins for your blog.  There are many, but you want to select plugins that make your task easy and fun.
  • Lastly, write compelling content that add value to your readers.  What does that mean?  Write as though you are speaking to your best friend.  Be true to yourself and your readers.  Allow yourself to be transparent.  Your readers will continue to follow you because they can relate to your content and personality.

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