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NEW YORKJan. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Gwynnie Bee, a clothing subscription service that helps women discover, experience, and enjoy great clothing without limitation, announces it will be extending its size offering to become truly inclusive. While most brands and retailers begin with traditional sizes and extend into plus, Gwynnie Bee started by serving the 80% of American women who wear size 10 and above, and will now also offer sizes 0-8.

“We are doing what no brand has done before by taking a disruptive approach to size inclusiveness,” says Jessica Dvorett, Vice President of Merchandising. “Our starting point and focus has and always will be our core members who are sizes 10-32, but our point of view is that in order to be truly inclusive, we cannot be exclusive.”

Gwynnie Bee pioneered the everyday clothing subscription model with a business built on serving the majority of American women, who wear size 10 and above. The service is taking a unique approach to size inclusivity by extending its size range down and offering their unlimited closet and fit expertise to more women. The new size offering is built upon Gwynnie Bee’s core assortment of brands and designers. Therefore, the company has only bought sizes 0-8 in styles that will also be available in sizes 10 and above. Gwynnie Bee will continue to use the same size models they have been using, including the same ‘first fit review’ models, reinforcing a more realistic representation of women today.

Gwynnie Bee has purchased over 50 brands in this size range and plans to continuously add to the assortment. Brands include Hutch, Rachel Rachel RoyVince Camuto, Lucky, and London Times.

In addition to members being able to share the service with other women in their lives, the size extension gives Gwynnie Bee more buying power in the market, enabling them to work strategically with new brands and designers and encourage them to be size inclusive.

“We believe that by making clothing about the experience rather than the expense, we can bring the fun of fashion to more women,” Dvorett adds. “With direct-to-consumer services at an all-time high, we are in the strongest position to lead the next chapter in fashion consumption by removing the limitation of size.”

Gwynnie Bee has been at the forefront of merging technology and fashion to break the connection between what you own and what you wear. After five years, four million boxes shipped, over 150 brand partners, and more than 3,000 styles in rotation, Gwynnie Bee is excited to provide a service that helps all women look and feel great for a fraction of the cost.

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About Gwynnie Bee
Founded in 2011, Gwynnie Bee is a subscription service that allows women to access an unlimited wardrobe in order to shop better, wear smarter, and rediscover the fun of fashion. Gwynnie Bee lets women wear the trend today and return it tomorrow – without the commitment of buying a single piece. Gwynnie Bee offers diversity and flexibility to try new trends from over 150 brands and 3,000 styles without the pressure of purchase. Plan options include: 1 item/$49 month, 2 items/$69 month, 3 items/$95 month, and additional options up to 10 items/$199 month. Come raid our closet!


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