Fashionista Alexandra Modalek shared a great article about the growing industry of Designer “Instagram Brands”.  She states “when you learn about all the things that go into making something, you respect the craft of design and artistry of the clothes”.

Her quote is referencing the path toward becoming a well-known fashion designer would normally follow a rather traditional path however, that path has changed and taken on a more advert look into social media.  The phenomenon of Instagram Brands – “a brand which uses Instagram as a primary Launchpad, rather than relying on traditional channels of marketing and education.”  This form of marketing has taken over the past few years and Fashion Bloggers should peruse Instagram when seeking the latest and greatest in fashion content.  Fashion Bloggers can improve their influence by reaching out to these brands, often streaming through Instagram.

“Perhaps the most successful example of a brand that has leaned on the social media platform to turn its founder with no formal design training into a respected tastemaker is that of Virgil Abloh’s Off-White.

I wanted to see what the hype was all about so I visited their modest website, to explore the featured fashions.  The fashions lean more to a casual street style capturing the fashion trends of a young market.  A market that has over 59% of its users between ages 18 and 29.  This is just one component that has made the brand so successful through social media marketing.  Amazingly, the website features fatigues, patchwork jeans, sweatpants and t-shirts ranging from $300 to $2000.  Lord only knows how this age group can afford these expensive threads!


Here are a few looks from their Fall/Winter 2018 Collection:


Take a look at the brand, tell us what you think in our comments area.  Remember, this is a brand that was built by Instagram marketing.






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